Airborne Surveillance and Intelligence Systems

              MDA is an international leader in development and deployment of advanced airborne surveillance systems to support maritime, littoral, and land intelligence missions.

              MDA offers a range of adaptable high-performance airborne surveillance solutions that can reduce capital and operating costs by performing multiple missions through either direct procurement, or a turnkey service. From advanced sensor design and analytics to leased services that include operator training and ground processing systems for mission planning and post-mission data analysis, MDA delivers integrity, reliability, and operational responsiveness.

              MDA’s integrated system and data fusion solutions include a range of UAVs carrying a wide range of payloads including EO/IR, ELINT, and COMINT payloads, with associated ground and support infrastructure. The larger-scale AN/APS-508 multi-mission airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) solutions for land, littoral, and blue water surveillance represent the world’s most advanced options for sovereignty protection and national security, delivering accuracy, efficiency, and economy.

              Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) software offers high performance moving vehicle detection and tracking.

              Australian Defence Force personnel operating in Afghanistan's Uruzgan province continue to receive vital support from the RAAF’s Remotely Piloted Aircraft.

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